Neighbours – Italian style…

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Jo, Janet, Debbie, Stefan, Rosie, David, Karen and Paul came round for one of our Italian Evenings. As always, the food was great! (Ann did most of the cooking and I just cleared-up the mess). Everyone was in really good spirits and the fact that we hadn’t all seen each other as a group for a long time didn’t seem to matter.

Although the music started off with an Italian theme, by the time we’d finished eating we’d moved onto the Bee-Gees and more especially the tracks from Saturday Night Fever. Ann and Debbie danced, the rest of us watched – that soon killed off the dancing.

We were all stuffed and consumed far too much wine πŸ™‚ It all fizzled out around 12.30am and we were too knackered to clear-up. A job for Sunday morning I think!

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