Holiday – Day 0 – Heathrow Terminal 4

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We left home around 3pm heading for Ralph and Karen’s. We arrived around 4.30ish. A glass of champagne later and we were ready to load the taxi with all our stuff. Kevin was our driver (an ex-copper, who had plenty of tales to tell of his time in the Service!)

We had a good journey to Heathrow, Terminal 4, although the Terminal itself was in a bit of a mess because of re-building.

We boarded our flight on time. British Airways 747, Business Class, ready for our 15-hour flight! Ralph and Karen were upstairs but unfortunately, we couldn’t re-jig our tickets to be near them. We were downstairs. All of us had these new seats that turned into beds together with some very impressive Audio-Visual equipment.

Pity it didn’t work properly!!!! In fact, this was the first of many ‘little things’ that BA just didn’t get right. Off to sleep soon…

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