Holiday – Day 4 (Ironbridge)

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We’re taking it easy today. Unusually for Ann (VERY unusually), she was unwell during the night. We can’t determine whether it’s a bug or something she ate yesterday. We’ve mostly eaten the same things and I’m unaffected – strange!

Inside, we finished the Christmas cards today – almost 200 of them! Phew! Outside, the weather started off OK, but by the afternoon it was cold and raining.

In the afternoon, we took a drive to Bridgnorth – a lovely town, very ‘olde-shoppe’ in style. Afterwards, we drove on to Much Wenlock which was even more ‘olde-shoppe’!

Finally we went to the ‘Jackfield Tile Museum’. A fascinating place that described the rise, fall and rise of ceramic tiles. The place was full of restored pieces such as Shop interiors, Bar fascias and Church interiors to name just a few.

We’re eating light tonight and then we’ll begin the packing as we have to be out by 10am tomorrow.

This has been a great short break…

(A few more photos HERE)


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