Day 5 – Planned: Sorrento, Actual: Naples

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Ooo err! The Captain announced last night that due to weather conditions, we WOULDN’T be going to Sorrento. He added ‘..and if you are on travel medication, may I suggest you take it tonight…’

Sounds like we were in for a rough night. It was. Rockin’ and rollin’ for most of the night although the evening meal stayed in one place!

Landing in Naples means that the short taxi ride from Sorrento to the restaurant where Ann had booked lunch was out-of-the-question. Apparently we now need to take the hydrofoil from Naples to Sorrento. Trouble was, we missed the 11 o’clock hydrofoil by a few seconds and the next one wasn’t for an hour and a half – too late!

So, we took a taxi from Naples to Sorrento. Ann’s negotiating skills got the price down from 120 to 80 Euros – a good start! The driver however, got his own back by driving at speeds between 100 and 130 kph – ‘scary’ doesn’t even begin to describe it!! We changed taxis once we got into Sorrento.

After some hairy hairpins and the driver using the middle of the road most of the time, we arrived at the restaurant ‘Ristorante Quattro Passi’ and enjoyed some superb food and a restaurant all to ourselves.

After a couple of hours dining, we took a short taxi drive back to Sorrento station and picked up a train back to Naples – only about an hour’s journey.

We’re too knackered to do much else – so we’ll probably veg out in front of the TV and enjoy room service!

Rome tomorrow…

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