French Holiday: Day 11

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Jacque and Yannick arranged for us to visit a local restaurant last night. Steak and CHIPS – excellent! The more we see of this current property, the more we like it. It took J and Y almost 13 years to renovate the place, and it looks wonderful

The day started with a visit to Chateau d’Angers, containing the famous ‘Apocalypse’ tapestry. 103 metres long, 4.5 metres high, 70 scenes. Commissioned by Louis I, Duke of Anjou in 1373, it depicts the last book of the Bible – Revelations.

Next, we popped over to ‘Fontevraud l’Abbaye’, where Richard the Lionheart is buried. It’s a wonderfully restored place – maybe too much so – bleached white brickwork looks almost brand new in places. It’s a ‘World Heritage’ site and it’s clear, a shed load of money has been thrown at it. See more at

A quick stop for a beer and a pineau and then back to base.

Jacque and Yannick are cooking for us tonight…

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