Bowling Virgin! 😮

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I’ve done lots of things in my life – but as far as the more ordinary pursuits are concerned, I’ve never been ten-pin bowling!! 🎳

Today, I ticked that box, meeting Paul & Sue for my inaugural match at the local ‘Rock n Bowl Tavern’ in town. Tuesdays turn out to be the best value day to bowl. For just over a tenner, you can stay as long you like (or as long as your bowling arm remains operational – as I was to find out!)

We were allocated our lane and after typing in our names on the consoles we could see the scoreboard above us on the screen. No manual scoring required – the computer did it all, leaving each of us free to perfect our technique. In my case, ANY technique was welcome!!! 😉

I didn’t do too badly during the first frame (for a virgin)! ‘Beginner’s Luck’ or ‘A Natural’. No-one was quite sure how (or why!!) — most of all me!

Then I think I started to take it all too seriously! 😮

…and my performance plummeted! 🤔. Mind you, we did have the rails down for this frame – and that affected ALL of us! My additional excuse was that my left shoulder was feeling the extra workout!

By the third, and final frame, I’d improved slightly (go figure!) where I finished in a respectable second place! 👍👍

Yes, that sums up my performance!

In spite of the varying performance levels, we all agreed that it had been great fun. And as a first-timer, I’m pretty sure it’s something we’ll return to later this year! The activity that followed was much less strenuous: We decamped to nearby Miller & Carter for a late and lazy lunch. The food and service was great! 👍👍. We were in no hurry and spent much longer there than we planned (for all the RIGHT reasons) not getting home until around 5pm!!

What a fab day with our friends! 😍😍

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