Normality! – Dinner INSIDE in a Restaurant! 😁

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With David acting as chauffeur, the four of us (David, Valerie, Ann and I) made a welcome return to The Palmichael tonight. Last time we were there as a foursome was back in December last year although back then, the Coronavirus restrictions meant we couldn’t all share a table and had to make do with ‘two-tables-within-two-metres’. As a result, we just had to chat louder!!! 😁.

We like it here. Ann and I also had a light lunch there with Karen a few weeks back (when the weather was a lot kinder) and we sat outside in their new eating area – complete with overhead heaters! Since their 2020 makeover, the whole place now feels a lot ‘brighter’. It was probably always the poshest restaurant locally, and now the decor brings it up-to-date creating a perfect dining experience, where the food and service is always excellent. It’s easy to spend Β£100 per couple here (we got away with Β£75 tonight and that included three courses and a smidge of alcohol) – but it’s most definitely worth it! πŸ‘πŸ˜

What we weren’t quite prepared for, was the noise level. I think we’ve all got out of the habit of being in a room with loads of people – and even though this time, the four of us were on the same table, we still had to raise our voices whilst chatting! Still, it was good to be out, and amongst others, doing the same thing. Normality returns! πŸ‘

My Starter: Mozzarella Corrozza

It was already pretty full when we arrived just before 7pm. The adjacent car-park was full so we ‘enjoyed’ a damp sprint to the restaurant, having parked a few hundred meters away.

The ground floor eating area had just a few empty tables and we were soon shown to ours (good job we booked!). A quick fiddle with the COVID-19 app to check-in, and we were then ready to eat!

Mains: Fettuccine Carbonara

We were soon perusing the menu – and it didn’t disappoint. They’d temporarily suspended the ‘Specials’ during this first period of re-opening, but there was still plenty on offer. Their latest menu is HERE.

My Dessert: Salted Caramel and Strawberry ‘Ica Creama’!

Ninety minutes later, it was all over, and we all agreed it had been (another) excellent meal. We were all comfortably full, just as the rain had returned (more ‘normality!?’). We left the ladies inside, whilst David and I walked the short distance to retrieve the car.

Yummy! The Palmichael has become our favourite local restaurant, and I’m sure we’ll be back again soon!! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

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