Long(bow) Story Short! 😁

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So, with Friday here again, it’s time for our weekly Archery Lessons courtesy of Kettering Archers. For me, tonight is extra special as I’ve traded-up to a proper English Longbow! – and it came with some expert coaching from one of KA’s experienced Bowmen, Dave.

Although it’s perfectly possible to use the Longbow for target shooting, the alternative is something called ‘Clouting‘ where the objective is to land the arrow as close to the flag (the ‘clout’) as possible by shooting upwards into the air. Safe to say, that on this occasion, the flag was pretty safe from my shooting accuracy ! Anyway, this week was about technique (well, that’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it!)

Mine are just out of the picture (by about a quarter of a mile!)

Because the Longbow is more powerful than the reflex/practice bow I’ve been using up until now, the distance travelled is a lot greater – at least twice as far – so I get a weekly walk as part of the deal too! 😊. Typically, the practice bow has been anything from a 14 pounder up to around 24, whereas the English Longbow that I’m using is around a 40 pounder – as a result, it’s tough just to draw it and the correct technique is a must! Distance-wise, my arrows are now travelling around 170 yards, but I’m told that I still need to work on that all-important technique and Dave helpfully filmed me in action, providing much constructive feedback afterwards.

Be afraid, be VERY afraid!

Consequently, I’m now a complete ‘saddo’ and criticising ANY film that features a bowman – Lord of the Rings, Robin Hood, Game of Thrones to name but a few! They make it look so easy!!! “Wrong posture!”, “Incorrect drawing of the bow!”, “How do you expect to hit anything, holding the bow like that?”. I’m so critical now I know what’s what! (ish)

I am, however, (still) great fun at parties!! 😴😴😴😴😴

More of the same next week – watch out flag, I’m coming for you!!! 😁

Silverstone Classic 2019 – The Cars are the Stars

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We headed over to Chris and Gill’s today, and then to this year’s Silverstone Classic.

Obviously, it’s all about the cars and so I’ll minimise the word-count in this Post and let the pictures tell the story!

A Perfect Day…

The weather was spot-on today. After the mega-heatwave of the past few days, it was just perfect! – gently warm with an occasional breeze. Being the event’s first day too (and a weekday), meant it wasn’t too busy either. 😀

The Cars are the Stars

Plenty of “old ‘uns” in fabulous condition…

…and some cutting edge modern motors too…

…and some ‘classics’…

…and some really old vehicles…

…as well as some plain weird stuff… 😮

Nothing like the original, but I bet MOTs are fun!

…and the best of the modern Aston Martins…

…plus some icons from ‘back in the day’ 😁

It wasn’t completely about about the Cars! (not quite!). We stopped for a breather where there was superb Band playing music from the 50s. It was a family affair – ‘The Colemans’ (Mum, Dad and their two sons). The lead singer (Dad) had a really strong voice… until we heard his wife’s – we reckon she could have brought down walls with hers! Fantastic!!!! 😍 More information about them HERE.

“The Class of 58”

All-in-all then, a really good day. It helps if you like cars, but if you don’t, it was still a great day out. Eventually, we called it a day, and caught the free Bus back to where we’d parked the car. We dropped into Kia on the way back to get the digital maps updated and some loose trim fixed before putting our feet up before tonight’s Archery lessons!