Palmers and Bricklayers

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Palmers Reunited

The hottest day of the year so far!

A scorcher of a day, as we headed down to Bromley to catch up with Neil, Debbie, Alfie and Frankie.

Just to make a change, rather than our normal haunt of ASK, at the top of the high-street, we chose The Bricklayers Arms, just a five-minute walk from Bromley South station. Last time we all got together was back in August last year, and it was great to catch-up with everyone’s news.

Food-wise, in my case, it was a bit under-par. Clearly the regular Chef was off today, and in his place, they’d recruited someone who works at the local Crematorium! Let’s just say my chicken-burger was very north of ‘well-done’ and if they cooked enough of them, it would have solved the local pot-hole problem! 😕

The Chef’s other job was in a Crematorium!

Luckily, the Dessert was kinder on my teeth! 😊

Better, much better!

2.15pm: Time for goodbyes as we returned to the baking heat outside. A short walk later we were on the platform. Some unlucky timing and picking the wrong platform for the ‘fast’ to Victoria meant we didn’t board until around 3pm. 😕

5.20pm: After a very sweaty journey home on the Train, we eventually arrived through the door! But perspiration waits for no-one and by 5.55pm, we were ready for our next jaunt – The Salvation Army’s ‘Concert for Ethiopia’ supporting their work there. We picked-up David and were soon parked, heading for the Kettering Citadel. It was already very busy when we arrived, and initially it was tricky finding three vacant seats – a nice problem to have though!

Concert for Ethiopia

The lack of seats meant tonight was a really well-supported affair – and the two-hour concert didn’t disappoint! For our entertainment: A Junior Brass Band (obviously), a Young Choir, a solo singer – Charlie Green and Kettering’s very own Thomas Fountain on the Cornet. It was all MCed by the Salvation Army’s ever-humourous-and-engaging Jack.

We know Thomas quite well – he played at our Wedding – and we’ve seen him in concert a few times since. With four separate musical pieces, he really made his instrument sing, and is clearly at the ‘top of his game’! In fact, everyone was simply superb in their own way tonight – and the applause confirmed it!

And so did people’s generosity! We’re happy to report that they raised over £1000 – and that was in addition to the ticket sales.

8.25pm: It all came to an end after the final upbeat number from the Band. As good as it was though, it had been very warm in there and we were glad to get out into the fresh air. We popped into nearby JS to pick up a few bits-and-pieces for tomorrow’s visit to Denis’s (first time EVER that I didn’t complain that the Store was too cold!) – and then headed home.

9.00pm: We sat outside, where the thermometer in the garden was still reading in excess of 30 degrees!

Phew! What a scorcher today! 😊👍🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞

Big Boy Bow!

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If it’s Friday night, then for us, it can only mean one thing: stick ’em with the pointy end! Sorry, I do of course mean… outdoor archery practice, courtesy of Kettering Archers.

And what a lovely evening for it! 😊

Ann and I continued to refine our technique with the bows we used last time – an 18-pounder for Ann and a 22-pounder for me!

But just to make things more interesting, and by way of a change, I also had a go with a ‘big boy bow’ – a 30-pound longbow! No sights, no arrow guide – and ultimately for me, no feeling in my fingers! 👌

Imagine the Bullworker product, twice the size, half the weight with at least 10 times the difficulty – AND with an arrow connected to it! Boy, that extra poundage made all the difference!, but at least I hit the target! However, the physical strength needed to pull, hold steady, take aim (remember, no sights!) and release, meant I felt like I’d had a serious upper-body workout. For the hour that followed, I had no feeling at all in the two bowstring-fingers on my right hand! 😕

But I DO love a challenge, and so it’s more longbow for me next week, plus I’m moving up to a 24-pound standard practice-bow. What a manly pursuit this is!!! Just call me Little Steve* 😁

*No don’t! 😕