Holiday: Return to Oz – Day 0 (of 18)

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MONDAY the 18th…

Our holiday begins! – Today, it’s the first of our travel-days and we’re heading back to where shrimps are nervous and Barbie remains popular with these prawn-like crustaceans! (Warning! weird humour alert!)

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It’ll be our third visit to Australia, having first visited in 2011 – for our Honeymoon – and THEN again in 2016 (just because we liked it so much!).

OZ-enh as png.png
Holiday in Australia 2019

This time, we’re doing the ‘right-hand corner’ (New South Wales and Tasmania) taking in the sights and sounds of: Hobart, Swansea, Launceston, Sydney (again!), Canberra, Melbourne (again) and the Mornington Peninsular.

..and after Lunch… 😁 …

With no accommodation booked, no flights and no actual schedule…

…this would be the stuff of nightmares for us, so we’ve applied EPP©*, pumped up to the max, with every stage planned within an inch of its life! (no surprise there then!)

*Extreme Palmer Planning

It made travel-sense to head for Heathrow Airport the night before (have you tried the M1 south recently from Northamptonshire? Yeesh!) – motivated by Ann bagging possibly the Hotel bargain-of-the-year (thanks to some pointers by David our neighbour).

And that bargain..?

Premier Inn, T4 Heathrow Airport © Photo courtesy of

It’s the recently built Premier Inn T4!

We bagged a double-room, with all the normal hotel ‘bits-and-bobs’ for the princely sum of just £23 for the night! – yes, it’s not a typo… £23! 😁

So, after a trouble-free journey from home into St Pancras International (thanks for the lift David!) we counted all 24 of the stops on the Piccadilly Line during our 75-minute Tube adventure and arrived at T4 just after 1.30. In spite of the size of this Hotel (600+ rooms), we were checked-in in triple-quick time, and soon settling into Room 672.

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Tomorrow, it’s more travelling as we fly to Singapore, then onto Jakarta – and ultimately Melbourne.

Travelling light! (ish)

See you on (almost) the other side… 👍