Lunch: Too Many Arms

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It doesn’t get much more English than this!
Another day, another Lunch with friends! – and why not! This time, it was our first visit to the Tollemache Arms in nearby Harrington to meet up with Chris and Gill. Not to be confused with the other Tollemache Arms in Buckminster! where we ate with Nick & Celina back in July 2016.
Super creamy Apple and Parsnip Soup
When was the last time a Fish-Finger sandwich looked this posh?
Wow! What an experience! On arrival, a roaring open-fire was in full-flow – and the Restaurant was already pretty busy (a good sign for a Wednesday!). Service was a bit on the slow side – but for all the right reasons as they were cooking most of it all from scratch (just how we like it!) 😉 There are two menus – the à la carte and the daily. The latter was still very imaginative and priced at only £14 for two courses, and £18 for three. Prepare to be tempted! 😁 And needless to say, we all thought our food was delicious. They say ‘you eat with your eyes’ – and that was definitely true today as it was all presented beautifully on the plate. For me, today was one of the few times when NOT deciding to have a Dessert was the right move – the Soup and Fish-Fingers had already filled me up! Yummy!! 😉 Ann gave the Chips top marks (praise indeed!). The Service was professional and all-in-all there was a good feel to the place. ‘The Tolly’ is now in our top three places to eat locally! A fantastic experience and I know we’ll be going back there again before too long.

Normal Blogging Service Resumed?

Reading time: 3 minutes...excited Phew! After another very techy week problem-solving, I think things are now back to some state of normality with my Blog posts. It’s taken far too many hours days weeks getting it all working again – and I hope I never have go through all this again! 😡

The Short Version

It’s now working! If you read my blogs-posts on the big social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr etc, etc), then it’s no change for you – you’ll see my posts there as normal. However, I know a few of you access my Blogs directly at, and there’s now a slightly different web-address: Click HERE to see them.

The Long Version

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Still under the Bonnet!

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Sometimes I just hate technology!

Four days in and my ‘old’ Blog site is still refusing to behave as it should! I’m on the case and aim to get it fixed by the weekend (famous last words!)  🙄

Film: Glass

Reading time: < 1 Off to the Odeon this afternoon with Jo and Janet to catch the 3.15 performance of Glass. I’m a big fan of the comic-book/super hero/villain genre, but this one nearly passed me by – and I’m not sure why! 😮 Slightly more embarrassing though is that it’s related to two previous movies – Unbreakable from 2000 and Split in 2016. I’m pretty sure I saw the former but I’ll need to fix a date to see Split with Jo and Janet as I definitely haven’t seen that one! 🤔 So, I’m going in blind with this latest instalment! And actually, even without the benefit of the previous movies, it turned out to be a really good film! James McAvoy deserves an Award for how seamlessly he slipped from one character to another, whilst ‘Mr Glass’ was a bit of an unknown until two-thirds of the way through – then he really dominated the movie! The plot was intelligent, with lots of twists and turns along the way. The final 15 minutes was an absolute ‘show-stopper’ in so many ways (so I won’t reveal the details here). A bit of scope for another follow-up movie too, but not with the characters you’d expect! ☺ If you like a deeper storyline compared with the normal super-hero movies, put it on your list!

Laddies (and Ladies) who Lunch – Part 783!

Reading time: < 1 minute...We never need any excuse at all to enjoy a good Pub Lunch – and today was no exception! It was another of our regular gatherings with local friends (and fellow retirees). Image result for The Swan at  Braybrooke Step forward then, Geoff, Rhonda, Paul and Sue – and of course, Ann – to sample the delights of The Swan at Braybrooke. We’d not been there before, but the write-ups online had averaged out four-and-a-half stars, so that was surely a good sign! 👍 …And it certainly WAS a good sign! 😊 We opted for the ‘early bird’ menu at £11.95 covering two courses, making it very good value too. The décor, service and food was spot-on – just a shame that we were the only group in for Lunch – it certainly deserved to be a lot busier than it was! 4halfstar We’ll probably go back again when it’s busier! 👍

Under the Bonnet

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In the second Lesson for the new Class, we went ‘under the bonnet’ of a typical Laptop. We also experimented with typing using a modern Laptop keyboard, including an introduction to typical ‘shortcut’ keys.

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Film: Mary Queen of Scots

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It was off to the Odeon this afternoon to catch this latest historical movie – Mary Queen of Scots. I must admit, I didn’t know much about the two leading actresses – Margot Robbie as QEI and Saoirse Ronan as Mary Stuart, but it featured a great cast, including:-

David Tennant as John Knox

Adrian Lester as Lord Randolph and

Guy Pearce as William Cecil

There’s been a lot of talk about its historical accuracy (in real life, the two lead characters NEVER met and Mary did NOT have a Scottish accent – having been raised in France) and I’m also not sure that the Royal Courts of England and Scotland would have been so racially diverse at that time. So, providing you watch it for entertainment only, you won’t be disappointed.

Overall then, a very watchable film (providing you’re not making notes for your History homework) with great cinematography and a stirring soundtrack.

Go see!