Lent Boy 2018: How Did I Do?

WARNING! Please read responsibly. This Blog contains large amounts of smugness!So, that’s my ‘Lent thing’ over for 2018. What began in 2010 as a small challenge, has now grown into a much bigger event! Some of you have asked how I got on, so here’s a short summary. Thanks to all my friends and family …
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Passport to ?

It was a day-out with a difference today, with our good friends, David and Valerie. The location was known only to them, and all we were told was: “Be ready for 8am, wear outdoor clothes and bring your Wellingtons. Oh.. and your passports”. The reason? to celebrate Ann’s Birthday and mine (well in advance). Lovely …
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Monday & Tuesday Classes

Laptop Coaching: The Action Centre

Gambles Reunited for Ann’s Birthday Celebrations

Well, I think that’s a first (not sure why though!) – the Gambles family reunited here for Ann’s Birthday!!      Denis, Roger, Jane, Oliver and Bev batting for the Gambles, whilst Lee and I were in the other corner!A little like that odd tradition where the person whose birthday it is, provides cakes, Ann provided – and …
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Tablet Coaching: The Play Store

Laptop Coaching: One-to-Ones

Laptop Coaching: One-to-Ones

Auto cross-posted from my WordPress Tech Blog: Today, we extended the duration to a double-lesson and spent time working 1-to-1 with the Class on a range of laptop-related topics.Advertisements//////<![CDATA[ (function(){var c=function(){var a=document.getElementById("crt-1494618020");window.Criteo?(a.parentNode.style.setProperty("display","inline-block","important"),a.style.setProperty("display","block","important"),window.Criteo.DisplayAcceptableAdIfAdblocked({zoneid:388248,containerid:"crt-1494618020",collapseContainerIfNotAdblocked:!0,callifnotadblocked:function(){a.style.setProperty("display","none","important");a.style.setProperty("visbility","hidden","important")}})):(a.style.setProperty("display","none","important"),a.style.setProperty("visibility","hidden","important"))};if(window.Criteo)c();else{if(!__ATA.criteo.script){var b=document.createElement("script");b.src="//static.criteo.net/js/ld/publishertag.js";b.onload=function(){for(var a=0;a//<![CDATA[ (function(){var c=function(){var a=document.getElementById("crt-1790529018");window.Criteo?(a.parentNode.style.setProperty("display","inline-block","important"),a.style.setProperty("display","block","important"),window.Criteo.DisplayAcceptableAdIfAdblocked({zoneid:837497,containerid:"crt-1790529018",collapseContainerIfNotAdblocked:!0,callifnotadblocked:function(){a.style.setProperty("display","none","important");a.style.setProperty("visbility","hidden","important")}})):(a.style.setProperty("display","none","important"),a.style.setProperty("visibility","hidden","important"))};if(window.Criteo)c();else{if(!__ATA.criteo.script){var b=document.createElement("script");b.src="//static.criteo.net/js/ld/publishertag.js";b.onload=function(){for(var a=0;a

Rock me Amadeus!

It was down to the Capital this afternoon to catch the National Theatre’s 2018 production of Amadeus.But before all that, we headed for the Royal Academy to see the time-limited ‘Charles I: King and Collector’ exhibition.Wow! This was impressive! It featured a collection of around 100 works of art (classical sculptures, Baroque paintings, perfectly displayed …
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