Laptop Coaching: A Brief History of Windows

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Today we gave the group an introduction to Windows 10, including:-

  • A (very) brief history of Windows OS
  • Why there wasn’t a Windows 9
  • Why they’ll never be a Windows 11
  • How to check whether you are running the latest version
  • Two FREE updates a year – When and How?
  • Screen Layout (Part 1)
  • Typical Apps that come with Windows 10
  • Shopping at the Microsoft Store

A Bunch of Amateurs

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Not to be confused with Stratford-upon-Avon, we’re talking about the AmDram group from Stratford St Johns in Suffolk here.

The Stratford Players desperately need King Lear to be a success or it will be their last ever production, and their theatre will be demolished for redevelopment. Maybe a big box office star can help? Enter from stage-left, one Jefferson Steele: Hollywood action hero, currently between his film-franchises and encouraged to play his very first Shakespeare role – live, and on stage. Unfortunately, his Agent, unable to find him work in the States, has allowed him to believe he is coming to THE Stratford and the RSC

By now you’ve realised that we’re not talking real-world – instead, it’s the latest production by Second Thoughts penned by Private Eye’s Ian Hislop & Nick Newman comedy of mis-understanding, mayhem and men in tights!

The Bear Pit
Just after 7.30, the curtain went up at the Bear Pit on what turned out to be (for us) probably Second Thoughts best production to date. Everyone acted their socks off – and the lead, Pete Cubitt (who we’ve not seen here before) was totally convincing in the lead-role. To say he ‘owned the part’ was a an understatement!
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Clearly the cast were enjoying it too, and that was reflected in the audience’s regular appreciation throughout the performance. The run is on until Saturday having started on Wednesday – and there’s a matinee performance on the last day too. At just under two-and-a-half hours (plus the interval), it certainly didn’t feel ‘long’ as the time passed very quickly (surely a good sign!)The only ‘bit’ I didn’t quite get was the short ‘Fool’s Songs’ at the end of many of the scenes, but technically-speaking, I could see that something was needed whilst a change of scenery was needed.

Thanks Second Thoughts, we had a great time, and it was good to run into Rick, Ann and Mags too!

It was a good visit to Stratford for us too on the retail-therapy front. I managed to pick up an extra pair of shoes for our next holiday, Ann bought a few tops – and we finished it all off with a rather splendid nibble at Fourteas, a 1940s themed tea-room in Sheep Street.
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The journey home was full of road diversions, and as a result, it took us just over an hour-and-a-half!
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The Logo Movie

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Today, the BBC proudly announced a new logo for Doctor Who – as you can see, they even made a movie about it! (Read the detail HERE).

And, unusually, given that Whovians don’t like ANY change to their beloved programme, it was received pretty favourably – with one fan going totally OTT and tweeting


(Obviously, too dewy-eyed to get to grips with some punctuation then!)
But of course, these days, it cannot be allowed to end there can it? In pre-interweb times, it would have been very much: new logo… job done… move-on, in 2018 however, where everything on TV must have a back-story or a deeper meaning, the humble logo is apparently no different. Radio Times, once the official mouthpiece of BBC’s TV output – but since sold-off – questioned…

is there a secret message hidden in the new Doctor Who logo?


Confused smile
So, for some Whovians, just when the end-of-the-world was imminent because of the announcement a few months back of a FEMALE Doctor, the flames of the interweb are once again stoked! Why? because apparently, the ‘O’ in ‘Who’, when turned on its side and combined with logo’s strikethrough line, looks like the international symbol for a woman…

Who Logo 2018

                 International symbol of the female gender

It may be a sign, but maybe a sign of desperation!? However, if you’re a fan, you can download the short movie of the logo HERE.

Roll-on the Autumn, when the new series begins.
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Tablet Coaching: Lesson Plans & Tablet External Tour

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After last week’s introductory lesson, we spent today discussing the group’s Lesson Plans and giving the Group a tour of the outside of their Tablet (sockets, switches etc).

Laptop Coaching: Word Processing (Part 1)

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Today we began the first of three lessons covering the essentials of word-processing. Guess what? Part two next week!

Laptop Coaching: Keyboard and Tiles

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Following-on from last week’s initial Lesson, today, we discussed more about a typical Laptop keyboard. We also looked at the Windows 10 ‘Tiles’ layout and how to customise the look.

Lunch with Chris and Pete

Reading time: < 1 minute...Jo and Janet picked us up at midday and we headed over to Pete and Chris’s. We haven’t been over to theirs for quite a while and it was good to catch up. A glass of Prosecco each welcomed us before we tucked into the main event. Lunch, as always was first class – with a choice of Starters, Mains and Desserts. I was able to easily steer round my Lent List for this year and happily tucked into… Homemade Mackerel Paté… Pork with a Tomato & Herb Topping… …and finally, Apple Bread & Butter Pudding We finished-off the Meal with a cuppa and ended up chatting for ages. Given our backgrounds, the conversation eventually turned to the latest Sainsbury restructure. With the whole of food retailing currently going through a c-change – with shoppers’ habits changing – it wasn’t necessarily a cause for celebration, but it was necessary! On a more positive note, it’s only 10 working-days until Janet retires! We headed for home around 4.30.