The Gang’s All Here (almost!)

Reading time: < 1 minute...Yep, another (very pleasant) excuse to get together with our good friends and neighbours – the return of Tom and Julie from their long break in Tenerife! It was almost the ‘full gang’ except for Rosi who couldn’t make it, as she was poorly with this dreaded ‘flu thing’ that’s doing the rounds. Paul and Karen took on the hosting duties, whilst the rest of us – Tom and Julie, David (sans Rosi), John & Trish, Ann and me, enjoyed the results of their hard work! Food, as always, was delicious. On the menu to night was Mediterranean Chicken with Carrots, Peas and Roasties (courtesy of Karen)… …two types of Mashed Potato (Colcannon plus a variation) as well as a Potato and Onion creation called Irish Champ (Trish’s fair hands). Dessert was our domain, where Ann had created a low(ish)-fat Black Cherry Trifle (with a very boozy undernote) inspired ‘Lady’ Berry… Boozy Trifle! …and we finished it all off with a Cheese-board (courtesy of pretty much everyone). Another great evening with ‘the gang’ with plenty of time for chat, before, during and after the meal. It must be my age (or the rather more-ish two glasses of Port), but just before midnight, I suddenly came over very tired – and so we called it a night! 😉😁😉😁 Nice to see everyone but I needed our bed!

George and the Flagon

Reading time: < 1 minute...

We haven’t been here since we had lunch with Ian and Ann a couple of weeks ago and so It was a welcome return to The George in Stamford today. Today’s treat was lunch with another of our oldest friends – Mick and Jane. We set off just before 11.30 and into some atrocious driving conditions – wind and rain, and freezing cold too – and that was reflected by the lack of traffic on the road.

We arrived just before 12.15 to a surprisingly empty ‘top-half’ of the car-park (I can’t recall a time when we haven’t had to fight for a space!). It was still raining hard, so we retrieved the umbrella and took a swift walk to the Restaurant.

We skipped Starters and headed straight for the Mains – Ann had Shetland Salmon with Fresh Prawns whilst I tried the Woodbridge Duck. All washed down with a flagon of White Rioja – not a typical wine-choice for us, but we really enjoyed it.

..and whilst some of us skipped Dessert, I couldn’t resist the Prune and Armagnac Tart! – Yummy!

As has become the norm here, it was all very delicious – and the service was top notch!

…all finished off with a truffle each, courtesy of the management!

Two-hours later, it was all over, and after wandering back to the (now very full) car-park, we said our good-byes until the next time. Whilst we were busy enjoying the George’s wares, the weather hadn’t improved outside, and consequently we had a really mucky journey home.

Once home, it was heating on, feet up, and catch-up on a bit of TV. Ann then made the Trifle for tonight’s party at Paul and Karen’s.

Another tough day!!