Christmas TV (2017)

Reading time: < 1 minute...Radio Times Christmas Cover 2017 292 pages/£4.50 TV Times Christmas Cover 2017 196 pages/£3.50 (+50p) We’ve all got different prompts for when Christmas celebrations officially begin – is it when the Supermarkets start putting out their Christmas lines?, the first Christmas lunch?, the BBC Christmas ident being seen for the very first time? or when the Sales start being advertised on TV? For me, it’s when the Christmas TV Times and Radio Times first go on sale. I think it’s a throwback to my childhood, when Dad used to bring them home after work as a treat. First job back then was frantically searching through the schedules, circling our favourite programmes. It’s much the same now – except we use a highlighter pen! Smile Actually, we were a bit late this year getting ours (as we were away on holiday in Spain) but David did the honours and tracked down a copy of each. These days, both publications are massive, mainly down to the fact that they both list (more-or-less) the same information, unlike back in the stone-age where RT listed only the BBC stuff whilst TVT, only listed the commercial channels. Add the multi-channel universe that we live in today, and you have them both running into hundreds of pages. So, all that’s left to do now is to plough through them both, highlighter pen at the ready, and our Christmas TV preparations are sorted! Previous Christmas Publications 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008

Parkway’s Final Cut

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Today, was the end of an era for me. The Hairdressers, that for over 30 years, has kept me well-groomed, has decided to close its doors – so today was the ‘final cut’.

And it was a good job I left early for my 9.30 appointment as when I got to the ‘main drag’ in Peterborough, it was grid-locked. After some ducking and diving, weaving and waving, I eventually got there, but it was close – at 9.10! 1 hour 40 minutes to get to Peterborough and that’s an hour longer than usual (I’m not going to miss that part!)

My final trim meant I had a longer conversation with Shelley (who’s moving on to be a Teaching Assistant) whilst Nat and Clare, I learned, are scaling-down (but I only found that out today, and I’ve made alternative plans for the ‘barnet’ going forward).

So, at just after 9.45, it was all over, and an emotional farewell to Natalie, Clare and Shelley followed. They and their past colleagues have kept my collar visible (and witnessed the size of my forehead increase) since around 1987 equating, we estimate, around 300 cuts! I gave them a hug and handed over our Christmas Card, but I’d also got them a little gift each, to wish them well for the future – a lucky sixpence!

It was all much more emotional that I thought it would be!

(And a few week’s later, to make the day even more memorable, I received NOIP, confirming I was caught exceeding the limit! 48 in a 40 is hardly crime of the century, but that’ll teach me to rush!) ☹️