Return to Palmichael (again!)

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We met David and Valerie at the Palmichael Restaurant in Burton Latimer today – nice to do lunch for a change rather than and evening meal. We haven’t been here since December, 2015 and it was our first visit at lunchtime

Food, as expected, was delicious (the Tiramisu was to die for, and was clearly home-made) and we couldn’t fault the service. Clearly others had experienced the same, as by the time we left, the place was pretty busy.

A nice way to finish the week!

John Lewis Christmas Advert (2017)

Reading time: < 1 minute...Here we are then, this year’s Christmas Advert from John Lewis. This year’s offering is Moz the Monster

“Joe befriends a noisy Monster under his bed but the two have so much fun together that he can’t get to sleep, leaving him tired by day. For Christmas Joe receives a gift to help him finally get a good night’s sleep” #MozTheMonster

The music is Golden Slumbers performed by Elbow, the original song was by The Beatles.

It’s getting to the point where you can set your watch by the timing of when this first appears – the second Friday in November. Was is any good? Well, personally, I don’t think anyone watching will need quite as many tissues this year, but it’s worth a view or two, and maybe it’ll grow on me!

For your viewing pleasure, here are all the previous Christmas TV offerings by JL…

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