Tablet Coaching: More Core Apps

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Today, we looked at two popular Apps on Phones and Tablets – ‘Calculator’ and ‘People’.

Laptop Coaching: The ‘Photo’ App

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Today we looked at the powerful Windows 10 App – ‘Photos’ and improved a series of images.

Laptop Coaching: Browser Basics

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Today, we looked at how to browse the internet together with a brief history of the browsers available for Windows 10 users. We took a detailed look at the Chrome Browser, specifically discussing how to create bookmarks and how to manage browser history.

Wonder Full

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Jo and Janet popped-up for a spot of nosebag and to watch Wonder Woman with us on Sky digital download in the fourth of DC Comic’s Extended Universe movies. Starring ex-Miss Israel and Model, Gil Gadot, she did a great job in the starring role as Diana Prince.

It’s also been one of the only films in recent years where Total Film magazine gave it a full five-stars-out-of-five – so definitely worth a watch! As it turned out, it was very good, and didn’t feel over-long at 2 hours 15 minutes. These days, all the super-hero franchise movies tend to be full of special effects (they are SUPER hero movies after all!) but thankfully, this was quite restrained. Additionally, some great acting, a solid script and, as a bonus, I think Gil Gadot did many of her own stunts!

Perhaps, for me, it wasn’t quite up to the equivalent origin story for Marvel’s Captain America – the First Avenger, but it was pretty close!

Needless to say, the food went down a treat and we were more-than-full by the time the credits rolled!

Kept in Haddock!

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As we get closer and closer to the festive season (and any excuse to get together with the neighbours!), we kicked things off tonight with a fish & chip supper here at ours.

The ‘Gang-of-Eight’ were all here: Tom, Julie, John, Trish, Paul, Karen, David and Rosi. Over the years that we’ve all known each other (20+ and counting!) it’s almost become an annual tradition that we’ll all attempt a get-together at each other’s houses before the big day. So far so good then with Dave & Rosi’s on the 11th November, Tom and Julie’s on the 2nd December and John and Trish’s on the 9th December!

Back to tonight and us-being-us, meant that we couldn’t just keep it simple and just survive on fish and chips! In addition, Ann sorted out a rather scrummy Fruit Crumble with a Muesli Topping and there was also the obligatory cheese-board – all helped down with various alcoholic beverages! My new Gin Palace also got a massive workout too and it was probably the first get-together where there was more Gin consumed than Beer!

The evening began with me picking-up the fish from nearby Kettering Cod. We’d pre-ordered, so it was a very simple matter of turning up and handing over the cash – none of this queuing malarkey!

Generous portions too! Even the small fish were large! And they threw-in a free bottle of 7-up and some ‘special’ vinegar too!

It was a great evening and I think we all agreed that the crappy Summer meant that we hadn’t seen as much of each other as we would have liked! Still, we made up for it this evening – what a laugh! Roll-on, the next event!

Museum Piece

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Time for a bit of education today and to catch-up too with a good friend from my work-days!

Stuart and I collaborated on quite a few video projects ‘back-in-the-day’ and we always had a lot in common – more especially our love for anything Gerry Anderson!

Today, was our mutual love for anything to do with the World Wars and so I caught the train from Bedford and met Stuart at the Imperial War Museum. I never been here, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I arrived just before 11am, but Stuart’s train was delayed, and he didn’t arrived until around 11.15.

…and boy, was the Museum busy! Maybe it was something to do with half-term, and it was packed! We had a good look round all the floors. For us, the displays on the lower floors were all just a bit ‘average’, although upstairs, there was a great display all about Military Intelligence (‘5’ and ‘6’ as well as the SOE) – ‘The Secret War’. There was also a very moving exhibit about the Holocaust and a great illustration of how wicked Man can be in the pursuit of so-called ‘perfection’.

With the Museum sorted, next stop was lunch at a Pub – and we found The Three Stags just down the road. This too was packed with sprogs (much to the angst of the various waiting staff), but we were served fairly quickly – and with a smile too!

With lunch over, Stuart and I walked down to Lambeth North and travelled one stop down to Waterloo, where Stuart got off for his train, whilst I stayed on until Oxford Circus and jumped on the Victoria Line back to St Pancras International. I caught the 15.06 to Bedford and was home by 5pm.

It was great catching-up with Stuart today, but that sad that overall, the Museum didn’t really ‘float our boat’.

Tablet Coaching: Play Store (Contd.)

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Today, we took a closer look at the Google ‘Play Store’ – specifically, the ‘Books/Newsstand’ section.