Eat-for-a-£1-a-Day (2014) – How did we do?

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The Last Supper
The Ingredients (minus the Tea-bag!)

Spicy Meatballs!
The Result – Spicy Meatballs & Pasta Bake

Well, David and I have just finished our last meal at the end of our seven day: Eat-for-a-£1-a-Day Challenge.

Actually, we’re quite pleased with ourselves – we had more-or-less the right amount of food. I say ‘more-or-less’ because we ended up with some milk, butter and tea-bags left over, because we couldn’t buy any of these in smaller quantities, when we did the original shop. This worked in our favour, as we ran short of pasta, so we ‘traded’ some of our left-overs for a few pennies worth of penne (actually it’s farfille, but that wouldn’t have read so well!), thus we still managed to live for seven days, for less than a quid a day each! See my original blog for the week’s imaginative menu.

So, we’re going to donate the money we would have normally spent on food in the past seven days to Children in Need, and tomorrow, it’s back to ‘normal’ consumption.

Was it easy? Well, not really, Personally, it’s been a real challenge, and bizarrely felt much harder than my Lent activities for 2014 which involved more restriction – harder, because I felt so hungry between meals.
Feed me!

By way of a celebration, we’re going to relive – and reheat – the (currently frozen) Chilli from the dinner party last Saturday, providing I thaw it out in time.

Anyway, despite the pain, we think we’ll do it all again in 2015 – and maybe open it up to getting sponsored too.
Open-mouthed smile