Wine, Fine, Dine, Mine!

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An unusual evening tonight – but it did include our three favourite subjects: wine, food and chocolate!!

Gill and Chris’s daughter, Francesca, is off to Tanzania in the new year for three months (as you do!) to work with some of the poorest communities there. The deal is that in return for her travel and accommodation costs being met, she has to raise £1500 for her designated community. It’s a noble cause and perfectly demonstrates how kids’ travel horizons have changed since I was that age. I think my equivalent was a day’s volunteering at Chessington Zoo in the 70s mucking out the elephants!


Anyway, tonight was all about trying to raise the money, and it went like this: Everyone who was invited paid a nominal fee, and in return, we were force-fed various wines and nibbles (it was hell, but someone’s gotta do it!) – and then, just when the brain was responding to the alcoholic selection, there was a quiz about the wines we’d just drunk. Everyone took the quiz very seriously – at least initially!), before the alcohol took its course!!!

For me personally, it started well, but by the fourth question, the reds were merged with the whites, (that in turn, merged with the lemonade) – in my head at least! Luckily, I’d paired with with Ann – the brains of the outfit – who remained sober as a Judge, and, more importantly, had a good nose for the different grapes.

An hour later, the results were announced, and somehow, much to our amazement, we’d pulled-in third prize – a rather scrummy looking homemade chocolate assortment hand-made by Gill’s Mum. Ann’s off chocolate at the moment – mine, all mine!!!
Smile with tongue out

All-in-all a great evening, with about £500 raised so far – well done Francesca!