Lunch: Cox’s Yard

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Ahhh, Ketchup and a Cider - part of my 'five a day'
I drove over to Stratford-upon-Avon today to meet up with my good friend, Ian McLean.

Trying to get into the town centre on a Friday AND park the car, was always going to be a problem, so we walked from Ian’s to Cox’s Yard, and found a watering-hole that overlooked the river. Initially, a good idea, but abandoned when the wind got to force 8!!! Cue, a couple a comfy sofas with a patio heater trained on them!!

Lunch lasted ages – in a good way – and we then walked back to Ian’s with just time for a cuppa before heading home. The journey back was a typical Friday on the M6: traffic, traffic and more traffic – and to keep it interesting, a two-mile tail-back leading to my exit, the A14. Ahh, the joys of motoring!!! I eventually got home around 4pm – a 58 mile journey that normally takes an hour took 50% longer!