Meal with Ian and Mags

Our three-monthly catch-up saw us frequenting The Swan at Lamport (or is it the Lamport Swan?) tonight. We haven’t been there since the last time we three got together back in December 2008 and I think we’d all forgotten how good the food was. I arrived around the same time as Mags and Ian followed…

Lunch with Karen and Ralph

We drove up to The Queen’s Head in Belton today for lunch with Karen and Ralph. We haven’t been back there since 2010, and it’s a good ‘halfway-house for us all.  It was good to catch-up, as we haven’t seen them since the Wedding! The weather was atrocious, going there and coming back (will it…

Out and A Grout

A rather satisfying day here. As we waited for Noah and his Ark to turn-up :-), we passed the time by refreshing the bathroom – the major part being the re-grouting of the shower cubicle. Knowing my natural ability with DIY, this was a surprisingly good result!

Bobby Charlton (for Cats)/Frank and Helen’s Do

  We dropped the cats off at Patsy’s today for their normal six-weekly wash and brush-up. It was much more of a challenge this time as Bon-Bon’s right-hand side had become completely matted over the past week or two – we think it must have been the damp weather. Amazingly, Patsy and her team -…

The Joy of Framing

I drove over to Northampton today to pick-up our Wedding sketch of Kelmarsh Hall – it’s now been titled and framed by Joy, and looks really good! – Cheers Joy!!!!

“Supplementary, my Dear Watson…”

Fans of the recent BBC series: Sherlock may want to check-out series 1 on DVD. Tucked away on disc 2, is the series pilot, that was never shown on TV. Entitled, A Study in Pink, it shares the same title as the episode that was broadcast, but  only runs for an hour (instead of the…

Test Blog

Hello world! This is a test blog to try out a new facility that posts my blogs to my ‘wall’ on Facebook automatically. The previous script just posted a LINK to the Blog, so if you’re reading this on Facebook, it’s come from my Blog, so that means the technology is working! PS That reminds…

The Outlook? Chilli with a chance of Alcohol!

Ann and I dropped into Jo and Janet’s tonight for a rather splendid Chill - accompanied by lashings of alcohol, and then followed by cheese. I haven’t had a chilli since before the start of Lent – and it was very welcome! Yummy! Yummy!

Concrete Evidence

Me – I hate concrete kerbs! – The car’s not too keen on them either!!!!

Lincoln for Lunch/The Ritual of ‘The Garage’

We drove up to Denis’ today for lunch. Bev was sorting out the main course whilst Ann took the raw ingredients for dessert. Neither disappointed and a few hours later we felt a lot heavier and very sleepy! A great meal girls – cheers!! As is traditional this time of year, we take on The…