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Here we are in Long’s Park Castle south of Melksham – we’re here until Monday. We were last to arrive (around 8pm), but we had a great journey from home. Leaving around 5.30, we covered 165 miles in under two-and-a-half hours averaging just under 40mpg. Because we were so late leaving, we reckon we missed most of the congestion.

We missed the entrance first time round (but apparently, so did everyone else!) Luckily, Rosi came and stood in the entrance, so it was a lot easier on the second pass.

It’s a unique property with tons of character – a convincing plastic suit of armour, a baronial dining hall,a  large lounge and a cosy feel to it all. Good food and friends meets quirky design and decor! …and what a food spread! The girls had been busy: two types of lasagne, trifle and a couple of variations on an Apple Strudel – all helped down with plenty of wine!

After the meal, it was ‘all-hands’ to the kitchen, and with 13 of us, it made light work of the chores!

After the big clear-up we all crashed out in the lounge with BBC’s Children in Need on the widescreen TV in the background. Out came the chocolates which finished off the meal perfectly.

Predictably, we were first to flag, and stumbled off to bed around 9.30. We’re in the cottage away from the main building, and although it sleeps four, it looks like the other couple aren’t coming – so we have the whole place to ourselves.

Nighty-night – We’re probably going to go into Bath tomorrow.

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