DVD: Pride and Prejudice

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dvd_bluray_PandP We watched the 1995 BBC production of Pride and Prejudice in all its Blu-Ray glory this afternoon (five episodes today and one yesterday!). In my view, it’s still the best adaptation ever produced

Not sure about the transfer to Blu-ray though – it looked decidedly grainy in places, and it also had a very strange voice-over at the beginning, announcing the disk number.


Lazy Sunday Afternoon

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…and the morning too! Unusually, neither of us had that much to do today. I got the books ready for Nick, my Accountant (it’s my end-of-year), whilst Ann attacked the shower-room armed with an elbow full of grease – and the oven, with a chicken full of err.. chicken!

dvd_bluray_hp_halfLee and I caught up with the blu-ray DVD: Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince. Darker and more spooky than previous episodes with some truly amazing special effects, it didn’t disappoint – check out the opening scenes showing the destruction of the Millennium Bridge!


Lee and Ann go Flat hunting

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After dropping the cats back, Lee and Ann went flat-hunting in Kettering.

The reality is, we think, that Humberto will never come out of the care-home.

So, our suggestion is that Lee will move out of Cromer once she has found somewhere suitable round here.

Cats in…Back out…

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Biscuit and Bon Bon - The feisty ones!

Image by Steve Palmer (UK) via Flickr

Lucky pussies ehh! Ann dropped them over to Patsy‘s for their regular bath, blow dry and comb-out – as always, they put a tremendous fight when we tried to get them into the cat carriers!

Patsy had pulled her back, so we were only expecting her to comb them out; but the trooper that she is, she bathed them as well!

Cheers Patsy!

Julie’s Rules

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Popped round to Julie and Tom’s to try and deal with a problem Julie was having with all her emails automatically going into the deleted bin!

It turned out that a ‘rogue’ rule was to blame.
Technology is wonderful isn’t it???


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BA is NOT our favourite airline! Over the years they’ve consistently managed to fall well below our expectations whenever we’ve flown with them.

Against better judgement, we chose to travel with them for our recent holiday to Barbados. When the return journey went t***-up and we had to find another way to get home, they flatly refused to refund the return-journey ticket price because we’d flown back with someone else. That may have been that, but our friends who flew out with us at the same time (and had the same travel difficulties) got theirs paid in full!

So, after a bit of fighting from our end, BA changed their mind and agreed we should have had a refund! A happy ending today then, when we discovered that our credit card had been credited with the full amount!!!


Chris, Gill, Steve and Denise – Get together

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I was out all day in London. Meanwhile, Ann and Lee performed miracles in the kitchen.

The gang arrived just after 7 and as a result, we stuffed ourselves silly on all the home-made grub that had been prepared.