Mum’s health…

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We’re starting to get concerned (again) about Mum’s health. The ‘patches’ that the Doctor gave her a while ago, to ease the pain with her other hip now don’t seem to be helping much at all. Combine that with her falling into the TV and then into the fireplace on Friday has meant she’s even more pain now.

After faffing around with NHS Direct, she eventually called in an ambulance yesterday and once in hospital, was given the once-over.

The good news was that she had only bruised herself and it was nothing more serious than that – I think she thought it was morer serious and she’d cracked the other hip.

The bad news? Apparently, she has to put up with the pain of the hip as it’s simply ‘wear-and-tear’ – that just doesn’t seem right to me, that she just has to ‘grin-and-bear-it’.