USB iz Gr8!

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Girly pink USB stick from Amazon... You know me, I can’t go a week without a dabble in technology! How’s this then, for something really neat…and useful too!

Ann’s car came with a ‘usb port for music’. After briefly reading the manual (boring!), I ordered an 8Gb stick from Amazon in a nice ‘girly pink’ (about 20 quid)and then copied a load of MP3s to it. Then, it was just a matter of plugging the stick into the slot in the car and switching on the music!

The track title and album name shows up on the display when it’s playing too! Fantastic!!!!

No faffing about with iPods and cables then – just copy any MP3 to the stick, and away we go! It probably means I can get around 5000 tracks – all her music – onto the one stick and that saves leaving loads of CDs in the car.

As a famous meerkat once said ‘simples…’