Barbados – Extra

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Thursday 7 January
4.00am local time.
Well, here we are. Still. After yesterday’s announcement that our flight today has been cancelled, we’re still no further forward.

The BA Helpline sent us on a wild mongoose chase to the Airport, whilst the Airport advised us to return to our B and B and ‘ring this number’. We did. Probably around 50 times. Engaged. Constantly. The US number has now closed and so we have no flight and no news of a replacement and no other numbers to ring.

We tried the BA web-site, under the manage my booking, but that took us through a series of pages and then proudly announced: cannot process your booking, please contact us.

6.45am local time. Trying to ring the BA 0844 number seemed to be getting us nowhere, so Ann suggested checking out the website to find the proper telephone number. We got the number and rang it. Success. Sort of. We’re through but listening to a recorded message about BA’s special offers. 

finally, with Ann’s judicially net-searching, we managed to secure a flight home by way of an overnight stay in Boston, USA, with and an overnight stay and a Sunday flight back to Heathrow.

So, we checked out of Bayfield House and headed back to Sweetfield Manor.

4.00pm local time. OK, we’re here at Sweetfield Manor, having dropped off the hire-car at the Airport, we’re now chilling-out with one of George’s speciality rum-punch drinks.

6.00pm local time. We’re shattered, and Ann’s caught a cold. Time for bed.

Friday 8 January
8.30 local time.
A fantastic gourmet-style breakfast from Anni, sets us up for the day. All appears to be OK with the flights until we get an email from American Airlines to call them urgently! Uh-oh!!! Apparently, they can’t verify our credit card details because our UK address doesn’t exist and our verification telephone numbers don’t work either!!!! ehh!!! After a ridiculous amount of faffing around, we’re finally confirmed on the flights.

We’re encouraged by email to check-in on-line. After the Barbados-internet decides to kick into life we trawl through the pages to the right one to check-in. Err, computer says ‘no‘ as we’re not allowed to check-in on-line because we’re not American citizens.

1.00pm local time. We’ve spent the rest of the day in the sun. Tonight, we’ll eat locally and get in an early night because we need to be at the Airport by about 7.25 tomorrow morning.

We then fly to San Juan…then onto Logan Airport, Boston, for an overnight stay in the Hilton and then the final (hopefully) leg of the journey, Boston to Heathrow, landing around 8.40pm Sunday night. Then we just need to get home from our friends up the road in Princes Risborough, and everything is back to normal!!

Signing-off now – thanks to Val and Karen for keeping us updated and organised back at home.

Home soon (we hope!!)