BayField House – Day Four

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Arghhh! – no hot water again this morning!! Ralph beat me talking with the owner, Trevor, about getting it sorted out. This is getting silly, we’ve asked three times now to ask for the problem to be resolved. Hopefully, tomorrow, will be a hot-water day!

We’re all slightly grumpy now!!!!

After breakfast, we set off for Orchid World. Ann drove, whilst Karen navigated, and we were there in no time. Orchid World turned out to be a little disappointing as there weren’t that many orchids to see – according to the web-site and leaflet, over 25000…but more like 25 today!

Having said that, they were all very pretty…


We then drove a short drive into Holetown on the west-coast and stopped at Indigo’s for a light lunch. We parked right outside, the service was good and there was an extensive menu – perfect!!!

We then headed back to the B and B for a freshen-up. I remained there to catch-up with my reading whilst the others hit Mullin’s Beach for a bit of sun-worshipping and to sus-out a place to eat tonight. Plenty of sun apparently, but nowhere quite suitable for us to eat tonight – Trevor stepped in and suggested an Italian restaurant called Spago.

We got wet feet... On arrival, it looked good, but it turned into interesting experience. Firstly, they sat us at a table near the sea where the waves were already crashing over the rocks INTO the restaurant area. They moved us back, but we had a feeling it was going to get worse. It did! Five minutes in, and the mother of all waves came crashing over the railings and soaked Ann and me. There must have been a river of two-inches of water washing around our feet.

How did the staff handle it? Poorly! Well, actually, they didn’t handle it at all, apart from moving us to the other side of the restaurant! So Ann and I sat there for most of the evening in soaking wet clothes – luckily, the warm evening more-or-less steam-dried us…not that the staff would have noticed!

All-in-all then, good food and crap service! And will someone tell the waiters that they are supposed to smile, because a) It’s their job and b) it’s Barbados – and 99.9% of the population are permanently smiling anyway!

Back to the B and B for a nightcap where we chatted with Trevor and Pat until around 10pm.

The tree-frogs are singing which means it’s time for bed!