Bayfield House – Day Three

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We were up slightly later this morning and had breakfast around 9.30. I seem to left the fever part of my cold behind to be replaced with feeling totally bunged-up! (too much detail!!!!)

11.00am. We’re to explore the north part of the island today – the Parish of St Lucy.

We started off at Speightstown (the second largest town on the island after Bridgetown) a really nice little place, with plenty of life and lots of shops. We thought this would be a good opportunity to pop into the bank to change our eastern Caribbean money in to something more recognisable. The Barbados National Bank was our choice and typified the Barbados work ethic – totally relaxed and no sense of urgency. 🙂 Ann must have queued for about an hour.
The view from the cafe...
After the experience in the bank, we needed sustenance and took advice from the bank’s security guard. He pointed us to a little cafe near the beach called strangely: the-cafe-on-the-beach where we chilled out with cappuccinos, banana muffins and chocolate cake – and took in the view (above)

Not suitable for swimming - the northern-most point of Barbados 

Booked FishPots for Wednesday evening on the way through driving north to Parish of St Lucy to Animal Flower Bay (err, no animals and no flowers!) – the most northern point of the island. Crashing waves, spec views howling gales and drinks all round!

River bay..nice! 

Next, it was onto River Bay, another spectacular view with plenty of places to sit and eat. We tucked into a nutritious picnic of Pringles and Beer.

Booked Mango’s which is on the beach-front in Speightstown for tonight at 7. Another great view…

The view from Mango's restaurant

We got back to the room and miracle-upon-miracles, they’ve fixed the shower and it now gives us hot water too!

6.45pm. We took the short drive down into Speightstown and parked near the restaurant. We got a great table inside and the meal at Mango’s was as expected, superb!

Back by 9.30 – off to bed!!

Doctor Who Trailer for Series 5

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Looks like he’s back with a new face in Spring 2010…