Blood from a Stone?

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bloodA few weeks back, I had some new tyres fitted to the front of my car. At the same time, Kwik-Fit managed to scrape both the front alloys in doing so. They suggested I got the wheels refurbed and then they’d re-imburse me. Well, after numerous fob-offs by Kwik-Fit, I rang yesterday to explain that I thought they’d spent long enough giving me the run-around, with their excuse that ‘we haven’t taken enough money here to re-imburse you’.

I suggested therefore they credited my card instead – they agreed that was the best way forward (but why they didn’t suggest it in the first place, I don’t know!!)

So, imagine my delight to arrive there this morning to be told they COULDN’T do the credit because it’s a leased car (rubbish!). However my request to ask them to call their area manager and then pass the phone over to me so I could explain the problem seem to encourage a change of attitude..and possibly a change of underpants at roughly the same time!

Richard was most helpful, he agreed that the whole thing had been handled badly and promised to get me the cash by the ends of the day. At 4.45 the phone rang, and he confirmed that the cash was ready at Kettering. Amazing how the meer hint of top-down pressure gets things moving!!!