TV: Doctor Who – Christmas 2009

It’s a two-parter – Part 1 is on Christmas Day, and Part 2, New Year’s Eve. For casual viewers, it’s David Tennant’s final two episodes.The title for the Christmas Day edition is, somewhat predictably, The End of Time, Part One. <img src="" style="border-style: none" galleryimg="no" onload="var downlevelDiv = document.getElementById('ff1fb5b6-c79d-4e1c-b9d5-944c43a967b9'); downlevelDiv.innerHTML = "";" alt="">

Christmas Cards sorted…

Phew! That’s the last of the Christmas cards written today.We’d cracked 99% of them by last weekend, but I’d got a bit behind with so much going on in the Business compared to last year. We’ve sent fewer this time round – around 250.