Bertie returns to Hospital

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Bertie has been admitted back to hospital. He’s having problems breathing, and his heart-beat is a bit irregular. His dementia seems to be getting worse too. All being well, he’ll be out Saturday.

Given everything that’s going on, Lee’s coping brilliantly with it all.

New tyres… new damage… to my alloys!

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Mondeo Alloys... I took the car into Kwik-Fit in Kettering today to have the front tyres replaced – the car has covered 14554 miles on the previous set and apparently that’s about normal.

What I wasn’t expecting, was to acquire some damage on each of the front alloys as a result.

I zoomed back to Kwik-Fit where Joe, the Manager took charge of the situation but said he’d have to refer it to his area manager.

Ooooo-errr missus!