The Patter of Tiny Droplets

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Another in the series of ‘Boys and their Toys’!!!

pixma640 My new Canon Pixma 640 All-in-One Printer arrived today. It uses technology where the ink droplets are extremely small – currently, the smallest around – 1 picolitre, (whatever they are!)

This results in ultra pin-sharp images and text, that even at very small point sizes, will rival the best laser printers.

It’s also a scanner/colour copier/make-the-tea device.

(OK, I lied about the last one) It’s wireless too, so this means that it can sit anywhere in the house – all it needs is a mains socket (not even a USB cable) and any of the PCs on the home network can print to it. Marvellous!!

Cleverly, it also prints, at a touch of a button, graph paper, lined paper and/or music paper – it also prints blank diary pages too. I can’t think I’ll ever need any of this but hey, why not?

The print quality is excellent and copying facility is so sharp, you can’t tell the copy from the original.

..and all for just whisper over 100 pounds from those nice people at Amazon.