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The new TV series that everyone is talking about, ‘Flash Forward’ aired on Monday on Channel 5 (9pm). Cited as the new ‘Lost’ (oh dear!), it actually turned out to be very good. The series is based around everyone in the World blacking-out for exactly two minutes 17 seconds and catching a glimpse of their future self before re-awakening back in the present-day.

An intriguing storyline, with no clues whatsoever as to how the episodes will develop. Definitely worth a second look next Monday!



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logo_mazza We’d both had a very busy and stressful week, so we decided to take a trip to our fave Indian restaurant, ‘Mazza’s‘ – we couldn’t believe we haven’t been there since January! When we arrived around 7.30, the place was packed, and remained much the same throughout the time we were there – another example of  ‘recession, what recession?’

The service was excellent and food was, just as we remember it, superb! We kicked off with poppadums, a coke and a Tiger beer. We both skipped the starters and got stuck into the mains. Chilli-chicken for me whilst Ann had the lamb. We made up for skipping starters by maxing-out on the accompaniments – cheese & spinach; bombay potato; a mushroom thingy; mushroom rice and a peshwari naan. Yum Yum!!!

We were too stuffed for anything else, so we paid the bill and headed home.

‘O2’ springs a leak

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hd2-o2_2 So, the rumours ARE true. O2 is going to launch the most powerful Windows Mobile phone ever! This page is from a leaked version of O2’s October magazine – and the device hasn’t even been launched by the manufacturer HTC yet!!!

Someone at O2 is going to get their wrists slapped! now all we need to know is exactly WHEN!

Update 12.15: I phoned O2 and they confirmed it’ll be out on 26th October – but they weren’t taking any pre-orders.