Biscuit escapes…

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Biscuit - where are you? Well, that’s a first! Biscuit was let into the back garden as normal, on Friday morning, and that was the last we saw of her!

Frantic searching by us on Friday afternoon proved a waste of time, so we resorted to a hand-delivered mail-shot around the local area. No phone calls that evening, so we went to bed.

Plan B is to search the woods when it get’s light tomorrow. I had a real fear that she’d been injured or just got herself lost, as she’s not very street-wise.

We left the patio doors open all night, (being the trusting souls that we are), and a sleepless night followed…

I got up about 6am to find the plasma TV still in place (phew!) but more importantly, and to see Biscuit casually wandering down the steps in the garden from Karen’s direction and the woods (phew again!) – we think she must have spent the night in the woods as she was soaking wet and covered in foliage.

Here’s an idea – a tiny sat-nav (or is that ‘cat-nav’?) chip that can be embedded under the skin of the cat (rather like ID chip that vets encourage you to have done to identify a cat, if lost) that can be tracked using Google Maps or equivalent.

Where’s that email address for Dragon’s Den? 🙂

‘The Wheatsheaf’ with David and Val

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The Wheatsheaf - yummy food! We took a drive over to The Wheatsheaf at Titchmarsh, near Oundle, for our monthly dining-out experience. It was only our second visit (we’d tried it out back in July on recommendation, and the food and service then was excellent). David and Val had also visited there for lunch once before. 

The small bar area was already quite busy when we got there, but we were served pretty quickly and soon snuggling down in comfy chairs by the open fire. Ann caught sight of Mick, our electrician friend and we said a quick ‘hello’. The menus arrived soon after and we were all immediately impressed by the wide selection on offer.

Five minutes later, the waitress took our order, and we were shown to our table. The starters arrived soon after and we got stuck-in – we were all starving!! The good food kept on coming.
and in our opinion, the food was even better than last time – I had the spicy lamb meatballs with spaghetti for starters followed by steak and prawns in a mustard-sauce. Only Val and I managed a dessert – Val had the Eton mess, whilst I settled for ‘Pudding of the Day’ – a white chocolate tart with raspberry sauce and piped cream.

It was a great experience in all senses, and I think it’s become our local(ish) restaurant of choice.

See the menus HERE.