HTC ‘Leo’ – The story continues

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htc hd 2 If you’re a bit nerdy like me AND you like the latest in mobile phones AND the current iPhone 3GS isn’t quite powerful enough for you, then read on…

The ‘net seems to be falling over itself to report on the new flagship PDA/phone by HTC codenamed ‘Leo’ , (to be renamed the ‘HTC HD2’), due apparently, in October 2009.

Almost 3 times as a powerful as the iPhone; with the largest screen ever seen –  4.3 inches; the new Qualcomm ‘snapdragon 1Ghz processor and the new Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system, we nerds are positively salivating at the thought of this beastie!!!

Better news still if you are on O2 (like me) where the latest buzz is that it’ll be free if you are on a business tariff at around 45 notes a month.

I can’t help thinking that with O2’s exclusive deal with Apple to be the sole provider of the iPhone 3GS coming to an end soon (Orange and Vodafone will be selling them in the future), the HD2, will be the must-have high-end phone of 2010.

The Buzz

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TV: ‘Primeval’ – Back from the dead…

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Picture courtesy of Digital Spy Looks like ITV has seen sense and has decided to renew TWO further series of this show. It was cancelled a few months back at the end of series three, citing ‘ high production costs’ as the main reason for dumping the series. At the time, fans were outraged as it had attained cult status and was a serious rival to Doctor Who during prime-time TV on Saturday nights.

According to Digital Spy, both ITV, UKTV, BBC America and German broadcaster, Pro7 will be involved. Series four will feature seven episodes, whilst series five will have six. All the main cast will return.