Films seen on the flight to Japan

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‘Gran Torino’ starring Clint Eastwood
A retired Korean-war veteran leans to live with his neighbours – sort of!

‘In the Loop’ starring Peter Capaldi
The big-screen version of the TV series. Political double-crossing from both sides of the pond. Fruity language throughout with a hilarious storyline highlighting the incompetence of politicians.

starring Nicolas Cage
Apocalyptic thriller based around the significance of a 50-year-old document predicting future large-scale disasters.

Japan Holiday – Travel Day

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John, our taxi-driver arrived at just after 9.30. We had a reasonably trouble-free journey down to Heathrow and about two-hours later, we were walking into Terminal 3.

P1000440 We’ve booked with Virgin and splashed-out on ‘Premium Economy’. I’m not sure what that gives us over-and-above the economy passengers, but I guess it’s greater leg-room and posher nosh!

Check-in was short and sweet and we the wandered around Duty-Free until they called the flight. Just time for a sandwich at ‘Eat’ where freshly made sandwiches, non-smiling staff and zero-eye contact are a speciality!

P1000441 As we gulped-down our last mouthful, our flight was called. We headed for Gate 19 and just had time to catch our breath before they boarded us. First impressions were good looking at the super-luxurious leather seats awaiting us. Add to that, a bucks-fizz and we were soon into holiday-mode.

The flight time is 10 hours 59 (approximately!) minutes and because Japan is 8 hours ahead, we should get there by around 9ish on Sunday morning.

Just time to scribble this blog before I’ll have to close down for the flight.