DVD: Watchmen (Blu-Ray)

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dvd_bluray_watchmen Watchmen was a very unusual film. The story is about an alternative USA in 1985 where costumed super-heroes are a normal part of society. Civilisation is on the verge of nuclear war between the US and Russia and Nixon is in his third-term.

Someone is killing-off the super-heroes, most recently ‘The Comedian’ and those that are left join together to find the killer. (I don’t remember this film doing the rounds at the cinema and that’s often a bad sign!) I wonder how it’ll turn out? 

Ignoring the story for a moment, the lasting impression was the cinematography – truly stunning – whether or not you’re watching it in HD. Lots of slo-mo and extreme camera angles, made it very watchable (ha-ha, no pun intended!) at an artistic level.

Back to the story then. It certainly wasn’t one for the family – extremely violent and disturbing in all senses of the word. ‘Superman – The Movie’, it certainly wasn’t! And it definitely wasn’t a film to watch, to cheer yourself up – dark very dark extremely dark and depressing throughout. So much blood too…yuk! 

At two-hours 42 minutes long, it certainly required stamina to watch it in one go. I guess it’s always a challenge turning a comic err, graphic novel into a film – it must be difficult what to include and leave out. I watched it in two-chunks and that felt heavy going!

Definitely one for the die-hard fans of the comic graphic-novel then and not one to watch after a few lagers because of the multi-layered and complex story-line. Apparently there is a Director’s Cut version that’s longer and has a lot more dialogue. Be afraid, be very afraid!


Return to ‘The Pheasant’, Keyston

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pheasant We took a return trip to our favourite restaurant, The Pheasant at Keyston to celebrate Ann’s last day of unemployment before she starts her new job on Monday. At the start of her ‘rest period’ we’d also eaten there.
It was already busy when we arrived at 7.20…and it got busier! . After a glass of wine for Ann and a cider for me, we eventually got to our table around 7.45. We tucked into ‘Devils-on-Horseback’ (Ann) and ‘homemade black-pudding’ (me) for starters and the homemade burger (Ann) and roast lamb (me) for mains. We were too stuffed for a dessert, so we settled for a glass of Port and a Bailey’s Coffee.

We got home around 9.30. A perfect evening!

…and on Monday, the serious business of work begins once more for Ann. Overall, she’s made good use of the three-month (ahem) resting period – a bit of leisure; plenty of time for the garden; some long weekends; and some significant personal development. In fact, we both think it couldn’t have worked out much better!

Exam Time – 2

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It’s Ann’s final day in London on the Prince 2 course today and having passed her Foundation exam earlier this week, it must be time for another exam! 

On this occasion, it’s a bit more serious, as it’s the pratictioner part where you have to put it into practice.

It’s a three hour affair, the pass mark is 55% and the results won’t be published for about three weeks. A pass will lead to a formal qualification in project management. In turn, this will be a valuable part of Ann’s portfolio in future work-roles…but perhaps even more importantly, when organising large parties!!! (I knew there was a practical application for this somewhere!!!)