Meal with Ian and Mags

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I met Ian and Mags at Babe Blooz, Market Harborough tonight as part of our normal three-monthly catch-up. Because Ann is still between jobs (but that’ll change on the 10 August), she came along too! – Nice!

We hadn’t been there for around 6 years and we were wondering what it would be like as it’s been a while and it’s now under new management. Ian arrived just after us, and Mags got there around 10 minutes later.

The place was almost empty when we got inside and things didn’t get much busier. We decided to opt for the set meal for four – and it didn’t disappoint – it was superb – and the service was excellent too.

We spent chatting about…family…and Ann’s new job. Ian is changing his too – returning to HR at the University. Time flew by as it always does, and 90 quid later, it was time to head for home.

When we left around 9.15, the place was almost deserted, but another two couples arrived just as we left bringing the total up to a massive 6!

We had a straightforward drive home (Ann drove as I’d had two pints of Cobra!) and we were in by 9.45.

It’s been great to catch-up and we’re going to do the same in September – somewhere in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Steve on the Game?

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empty-street Phew…not quite!

Just when I thought I’d have to develop some new skills to supplement our income (and perhaps introduce a comedic element too!) by going ‘on the game’, Ann learned today that she had been successful in getting the job she was interviewed for earlier in the week.

That’s good news all round and my body-is-a-temple philosophy can now return to the more familiar my-body-is-a-larder-and-wine-store!

Look…no brakes!

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This me test-driving the new Volvo XC60 with ‘CitySafe’. It’s an innovative piece of technology that senses a vehicle in front and slows the car down if you don’t!