TV: Torchwood – ‘Children of Earth’

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A new series of Torchwood hits our screens on Monday, 6th July. Unusually, the BBC have taken the initiative risk of showing the five episodes all in the space of one week – one episode per night and moving it to prime-time BBC1.

Sub-committee Meeting

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index_headingI travelled down to the BRIT School today to chair our second meeting to plan for the OCA centenary in 2011.

OCA web-siteI felt it was a very productive meeting, but perhaps I need to allow more time for the fact that most of the group don’t really know each other and they may be holding back.

It was a good journey down but coming home took ages! I left at 2.30 and didn’t get home until almost 6pm – and it’s only 100 miles!!!

Michael Jackson is dead!

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thriller25 I wasn’t his biggest fan, but like most of the population I do own a copy of his album, Thriller and I respect him for the impact he had on the pop-music scene. Singer, songwriter and dancer – what a talent!

I can remember back in the early 80s, going to a business meeting at work, where the host had videoed a copy of the Thriller video the night before for us all to watch during the meeting. In those days, it was a very sought-after thing to have seen – and we must have been one-of-the-few to have done so. Apart from the outstanding special effects, it was also the longest pop-video I’d ever seen and remains very clear in my memory.

Hearing the news today was a real shock – and I had to listen to the news bulletin very carefully to ensure I’d heard it correctly!

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