You dancing? You asking?

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j0441288 Rosi rang to remind us about the new local dance-class – but it had totally slipped our mind. Embarrassingly, Rosi had reminded us a few weeks’ back too! 

Still, on the positive side, the World is spared (for a week at least) from the man with two left feet and all the rhythm of a house-brick. Ann will fare a lot better to be sure!

Strimmer and Shopping

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strimmer2009The Ryobi RLT30CET petrol strimmer arrived today courtesy of Screwfix. It was on special offer there and came with a free pruning attachment, so it was exceptional value (the pruning attachment alone was worth around £40). What a beast-of-a-tool – now all I need to do is assemble it!

Update 17.45: David popped round (at my request) to check everything was in the right place and I’d mixed the fuel and oil correctly. Lift-off, it’s working fine – but the battery needs a good charge overnight.

Ann had a successful shop in London and I acquired some nice new t-shirts and one for business as a result. Her mobile went flat so she got a taxi back from the station and was back earlier than I expected – just before 3pm.