Lui’s with the Neighbours

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We joined Karen Paul, Debbie, Stefan, Rosi and David and headed for Lui’s in Kettering to celebrate in advance, Karen’s Birthday – we haven’t been there as a group since 13 May 2007 – and that was for Karen’s Birthday too! Julie and Tom couldn’t make it. We were a little early for our table so we stopped off at the Earl of Dalkeith in town for a round of drinks beforehand. It’s an unusual Pub – no loud music, cheap drinks and a collection of books on the top floor.

Lui’s are famous for their steaks and they didn’t disappoint – everyone had one of some sort. Mine came with a stilton and cream sauce. I was the only one to have a dessert though…mainly because everyone was stuffed! We all had coffee to finish.

What was noticeable was how quiet they were. On each occasion we’ve visited in the past on a Saturday night, they’ve been packed! Not tonight though; and by 9.45, we were the only people still there.

We brought the taxi forward to 11.15 and headed home but we were too knackered to go back to Karen and Paul’s for a nightcap. We said our good-byes and got to bed around 11.45

It was a great night out – it always is with the neighbours, but somehow it felt extra special this evening!

Learning Network Group Meeting

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I took the train down to London today for our regular LNG Meeting. Denise joined me at Bedford and after arriving at St Pancras, we took the short hop on the Tube to the venue. Denise had secured us some free space in an office she’s currently working in.

Angela took us through the Trainer Assessment Programme (TAP) – a robust assessment process for new and experienced Trainers. A great session and very useful too! Well done Angela!!

I got away at around 2pm and caught the 3pm from St Pancras home and Ann picked me up from the station.