Angela for a meal in Peterborough

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I drove up to Peterborough to meet up with Angela C. She’s running a Workshop there tomorrow. She doesn’t often get this far north :), so it was good to catch up.

Prezzo's in Peterborough We went to Prezzo‘s in Cowgate. It was pretty quiet when we arrived but soon got busy. Food was OK rather then great. The starters came within what felt like 30 seconds of us ordering them – and mine was cold! Mains were hot 🙂 and very tasty – I had butterfly chicken breast with a gorgonzola and cream sauce with a side of potato gratin whilst Angela had a fish salad.

I wanted to get home to catch-up with Ann and her latest news after seeing the Barrister, so we missed out desserts and coffee. Angela’s voucher came in handy – the bill came to just 25 quid. I dropped Angela back to her hotel and headed home. I got in just after 10pm.

Cinema: ‘Wolverine’

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I met with Jo today to catch the 6.15 performance of ‘X Men Origins: Wolverine‘ at the local Odeon.

Starring Hugh Jackman, it’s a prequel to the previous X-Men films and tells of how the character – Logan – becomes Wolverine.

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The film started much sooner than we expected – around 6.25 – as there wasn’t the normal endless run of trailers for upcoming films.

It was a slow start as the film took time to create the back-story, but before long, we were into the action where the special effects were truly superb. I was quite surprised at the similarity in an early part of the film with this and the story of Batman/Superman – both relying on the death of parents (Batman) and an elderly couple discovering the hero whilst out driving in their car and then befriending him (Superman). Thereafter, the story took a very different path – but I won’t spoil the plot here!

In the closing scenes, Patrick Stewart appeared as his character Xavier to give sanctuary to the young mutants. At least I think it was Patrick Stewart! They’d given him a digital makeover to make him look younger – but for me, he just looked a bit strange, like he’d ODed on Botox. Curious!

All-in-all, we enjoyed the film. Not the best of scripts (this wasn’t Hamlet by any means), but the action more than made up for it.


Star Trek next week (if we can get in!) – Live

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At last, I got around to redoing my business web-site – it was uploaded this morning.

If anyone spots any typos or other errors, let me know!

TV: ‘Ashes to Ashes’ – Series 2, Episode 2

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Episode 2 tonight. Hope it’s as good as the episode 1 last week.

So, what was it like? Well, all-in-all, a disappointing lack-lustre episode in my view. Even though the acting was, as always, very good – especially Philip Glenister who IS Gene Hunt and Keeley Hawes in the lead roles, it just felt…well…boring!

The storyline was about GH accidentally killing a member of the Travelling community whilst in ‘hot-pursuit’ – and it just didn’t do it for me. The old plot-device of ‘the one you least suspect is really the true baddy’ stuck out a mile and made the episode very predictable.

In particular, there just weren’t enough references to the 80s. In one scene, the team were listening to the news dealing with the sinking of the Belgrano during the Falkland’s War and the whole scene felt very much like a last-minute add-on. I’m sure they could have made more references to 1982 overall in this episode, rather than just this one short scene.

One a more positive note, the best – and most intriguing – line in the episode that got me thinking (and no doubt most other devotees of the series) was spoken by the old Romany woman whilst in custody. Using her Tarot cards, she warned GH: “…You have power, power you will soon be forced to give up….you will give-up your power to a tiler…”. This must have got everyone thinking that Sam (Tyler) was going to return! What a neat red-herring, as we all found out later that the line was in fact referring to the role of the ’tiler’ in the Masons. Its significance being that the regular character ‘Ray’ was the ’tiler’ during GH’s initiation into the local Masons’ Lodge. Clever stuff!!!

It was good to see an ‘Austin Princess’ as part of the action. Although I personally hated the car back in the 80s, it was a shame to see it trashed as part of the chase-scene!

The biggest disappointment for me by far, was that there just wasn’t enough of the episode devoted to AD’s personal dilemma – it felt like just another cop-series.

A disappointing episode then, and worryingly, next week’s episode looks pretty mundane too from the excerpt shown at the end. 

I’d happily watch episode ONE again, but this was instantly forgettable. I really do hope the series shapes-up in the remaining six…

More music from the 80s, more Quattro and more of the dialogue dealing with AD’s situation please!

Laptop woes/Kitchen ceiling

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Julie brought Georgina’s Dell (rather nice pink) laptop round. It’s refusing to accept an installation of the latest free version of AVG.

After spending a lot of time clearing out the registry, I tried to reinstall it. After a couple of false-starts, it installed without a problem. I’ve been running various tests on it for the past few hours and it seems to be fine so far. I plan to leave it running overnight for any AVG updates and we’ll see how it is in the morning.

Mick popped round to create the holes in the ceiling ready for Nathan to board, plaster and add coving to the ceiling on Thursday. Mick will be back towards the end of the week to install the downlighters.

This all prompted me to begin the removal of the existing border that’s been glued up there not long after we moved in 14years ago! It was a fiddly and boring job, but I got further than I planned. I’ll hopefully finish it all off tomorrow.

Ann’s Redundancy (3 weeks to go!)

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There haven’t been any significant developments at work except her HR representative scheduled a meeting with Ann (at last!) and then, the day before, Ann found out the same HR representative was on holiday!!!

On a more positive note, Ann has been busy talking to a head-hunting firm and briefing her solicitor.

The London Marathon 2009

Reading time: 3 minutes...Our good friend Roy, is running in the Marathon this year and our plan was to get some really good pictures of him by placing ourselves at strategic points along the route.

roy001 We got up early to ensure we were away by 8.15. It looked like it would be a fine day for the Marathon (contradicting the forecast given on the TV!). We had a short breakfast with Mum and left on time. We  travelled over to Abbey Wood Caravan Club to meet Susan, Janine and Lauren and got there around 8.50. We were lucky enough to get the one remaining parking-space just inside the entrance – perfect! Susan met us and we took a short walk to the caravan where Lauren and Janine were getting ready. Susan commented that Roy was in good spirits and he had eaten like a horse the previous evening – pasta, pasta, shepherd’s pie and pasta!!!

roy003 We watched a bit of the Marathon on the TV before heading for Abbey Wood station and taking the short journey to London Bridge. Then, we all jumped on the DLR and headed for Canada Water. Boy it was getting warmer and warmer and the area was packed! We we were notified by text that Roy had started at 10.08, so it was quite straightforward to work-out what time he was likely to get to our  roy002first stopping-off point. We all tried to spot Roy with sufficient notice for us to get some photographs, but by the time we saw him, it was too late to take any shots. Plan ‘B’ then – go back to Canada Water and go to Canary Wharf. Unfortunately Plan ‘B’ was scuppered when we noticed that 1000s of people were also trying to board the Tube at there. What a nightmare….and completely pointless to even try! So, we walked to Surrey Quays shopping centre and settled in Burger King at around 12,30 to recharge our batteries. The day was turning out to be a scorcher and we then took a brisk walk along Jamaica Road via Southwark Park (lovely!) roy004before jumping on the Tube at Bermondsey. We got off at Waterloo and walked over the Bridge. We realised that looking over the bridge down onto Victoria Embankment was the perfect vantage point to get some shots of Roy – and perfect timing too as according to our calculations, Roy was due in the next 15-30 minutes. We all managed to get to the front of the crowd and the perfect view lived up to its promises. Roy appeared about 10 minutes later and I managed to get around half-a-dozen reasonable shots. Mission accomplished!!

roy005 We walked along the Strand in search of a cuppa and eventually ended up in Whitehall (just like last year) and popped into McDonalds for some drinks – it was packed! We just had time to refresh ourselves before Roy rang to confirm he’d finished! We wandered down Whitehall into Horseguards (zillions of people milling around meeting the runners) where we met Roy who had just been ‘processed’. Nice medal and a ginormous goody-bag

We then walked to Embankment station and headed for Charing Cross. We then caught the train back to Abbey Wood. We had a quick drink with everyone before heading home. We had a good journey and we were home by 7.35. Walking back Roy commanded a lot of respect from passers-by congratulating him on his achievement. Quite right too!

It’s been a great day. The weather was gorgeous and it was very enjoyable walking a round London. The Marathon definitely brought out the best in people and there were various times during the day when we were talking to complete strangers! Over 35000 people took part this year and all of Roy’s training paid off and he clocked a personal time of the 26.2 miles in 4 hours and 31 minutes – well done mate!

We are shattered..and we didn’t even do the Marathon!