A Trip round Gothenborg

Reading time: < 1 minute...The Workshop finished on time so Barrie took us on a trip round Gothenborg by boat. Afterwards we headed for a few bars, but I ducked out at around 6.45 to recover!!! Th epicture on the left is of the Opera House.

It’s been a gorgeous day, weather-wise. It’s so hot!!!

We’re out again at 7.30 for a meal….

Gothenberg again

Reading time: < 1 minute...I’m spending more-or-less the whole week here working with Barrie C and John M.

Cor! What a scorcher!! looks like the weather is going to be VERY HOT THIS WEEK.

Family Weekend

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Another hot day. We had brekky in the garden and then started to get ready for Denis, Mae and Bev who are due for lunch. It’s a themed lunch – ‘Cowboys and Indians’.

Oliver meanwhile wanted to watch Doctor Who on DVD but only got as far as episode 2 before he got bored! (sorry RTD!!!)

We had a great lunch outside (that’s TWO days in a row – Summer has really arrived I think!)

After lunch we relaxed – some inside ‘cos it was too hot, others outside. Ann thought it would be a good idea to have a group shot of the family as we don’t all get together that often.

Everyone left at around 4ish and afterwards we popped down to the station to get Ann’s season ticket and then once home finally clear up and catch up with our reading and the TV.

Family Weekend

Reading time: < 1 minute...Woke up to an already very warm day. A great day to discover that the toilet downstairs was blocked!!! Luckily the Plumber turned up fairly promptly and fixed it in a few seconds!!

We all had a lazy breakfast in the garden and during the morning, chilled-out and read the papers.

Ann and Jane had a facial and a pedicure, whilst Rog, Mum and I carried on chilling-out.

We had pizza and salad for lunch and then Roger, Jane and Oliver went down to Wicksteed Park. They had a good time down there and got back about 5pm.

We then lazed around in the garden until late and dinner around 8pm – Italian Shepherd’s Pie Yum Yum!

Family Weekend

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An early start for me. After dropping Ann off at the station, I travelled down to Mum’s and picked her up. She’s staying with us for a week. A slightly sluggish journey there, but a better one coming back. We got back to ours just after 10.

Roger, Jane and Oliver arrived about 9pm – they’re staying for the weekend.

Weather-wise, it was a lovely day and we sat in the garden until 10pm eating and drinking.

Pinewood Studio

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I met up with Stuart today at PI. We then went for a walk round Pinewood Studios. I saw the 007 Stage and Gerry Anderson’s car – plus, I got close-up to a load of real Oscars!!!

Fantastic! Thanks Stuart…

Nicki visit/The Old Bakehouse/Mama Mia

Reading time: < 1 minute...Nicki arrived around 8am and after sampling her excellent Victoria Sponge, she and Ann went off for a pedicure.

We chilled out reading the papers and then headed of for The Old Bakehouse in Rothwell (via the bra shop!) for lunch.

We then caught the 3.00 performance of Mama Mia at the Odeon. It was surprisingly ‘feel-good’ and the acting was pretty good all round. Not so sure about the singing for some of the actors. I think it’s fair to say that Pierce Brosnan is a better James Bond than a singer…but he didn’t do too badly. The nice surprise was Meryl Streep, who sang really well. Julie Walters was hilarious!!!