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Our Archery lessons continued tonight.
We’re now in our third week (after a fortnight’s distraction elsewhere) and we’ve moved up to heavier bows – Ann’s on an 18-pounder and I’m trying out a 20-pounder.

Considering it’s been raining day and night for most of the week, the evening turned out to be perfect!

And perhaps the combination of heavier bows, and improved weather affected our accuracy! Not only were we hitting the target, many of our shots were closer to the centre than ever!

Not bad ehh?
Kiss that bow-string!

We’re not at next week’s practice lesson, but the theme, going forward, is to gradually move to even heavier bows, little-by-little, and also to move the target even further away!

Ooo, we do love a challenge! 😁👍

Bow Guest

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Target setting!

After last Friday’s and Saturday’s expert coaching, tonight, we headed down to town for 6.30pm to enjoy some more archery practice, as guests of Kettering Archers. It was great fun, and the weather was on our side – a beautiful evening!

It was very well attended with around 20 of us on recurve bows, a few on compound bows and even two using longbows.

Well, after two hours and around 10 rounds (60 arrows) I suppose we didn’t do too badly with our shooting. Both John and Lee helped us a lot with their one-to-one advice and we’re gradually ‘getting there’ with our technique. Next week, we’re both moving up to ‘heavier’ bows that we’re told will help with our accuracy and distance.

My green tights are on order! 😁