Birthday Girl 2019

It was a welcome return to The Tollemache Arms in Harrington today. We met David, Valerie and little Evie there – where my natural charm with children took a back-seat and reduced Evie to a mega-sulk for most of the meal! Young children and me? It’s NEVER an easy relationship! 😮

Today was to celebrate Ann’s Birthday. Last time we were here, back in January, the food was nothing short of excellent – and today was no exception! 👍

They must be doing something very right here, because the place was packed – and this was just Monday lunchtime! All-in-all, a thoroughly enjoyable experience (but maybe not for Evie!) 😕

Happy Birthday Ann! 😁👍

Moggy Birthday – Biscuit at 14

Biscuit doing what she does best!

Biscuit turned 14 today.

With Bon-Bon looking down on her sister, Biscuit continues to be ‘top-cat’. She’s still VERY vocal at times – quite spontaneously – and a year since it first started, we’ve still no idea what she wants. It’s amazing how such a small mouth can emit such a loud noise. Luckily, her ‘tantrums’ are over as quickly as they started and when it’s at 3am, that’s a welcome relief!

She continues to be a ‘sofa-cat’ and pops up next to us in the evenings when she feels like it (which is quite often – and something she NEVER did when Bon-Bon was around).

Once a lover of tinned Tuna (only Aldi’s!), she is now completely indifferent to it. She’s back on Senior Iams and fresh chicken. She’s also sable to resist a saucer of the famous Dreamies!

She’s sleeping a lot more and hardly ever wanders upstairs when we’re asleep – she seems quite content sleeping on one of the sofas.

Patsy, our nearby Groomer, still sees her every six weeks, (every four, in the Winter), and is keeping on top of her coat. And although she planned to close down her Persian Rescue business, a year-or-so ago (again!) she still continues to take in strays and provide ‘top cat’ with a first-class grooming and bathing service.
Health-wise, Biscuit is in fine form. Although we see her limping very (very) occasionally, we assume it’s just old-age and (perhaps) a bit of arthritis in one of her back legs. Other than that, given her age, she’s doing really well.

The Cattery continues to be a god-send. We’re travelling quite a bit more these days and Valerie the owner, is recognised by Biscuit now as her second owner!

Fourteen is a good age for a Persian, so we’re counting our blessings that she is still with us.