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David and I tackled the suspected ‘escape loophole’ for Biscuit today, by duplicating the established extra trellis construction from earlier this year, on the east (left) side of the garden, towards Karen and Paul’s.


Having tried a temporary construction over the past few weeks, we’re pretty sure that’s where she was exiting. David and I started and 8.30 and luckily, the weather didn’t turn into yesterday’s heatwave, meaning we could work at quite a pace. Just after noon, it was all done – all that’s needed is a lick of paint on our side (we’ve painted Karen and Paul’s side), and it’s ‘job done’.

Stalag Pemberley
Stalag Pemberley – towards the Eastern Sector

Ann and Val prepared lunch – homemade soup, homemade mackerel pate, potato salad and cheese – just what we needed after a hard morning ‘on the land’

Surely Biscuit can’t get out now!! (famous last words!!!)

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